Water Protector Red Fawn Fallis Granted Pre-Trial Release

Our sister and beloved water protector Red Fawn Fallis has been granted pre-trial release!  She is still waiting for space in the halfway house to open up, but soon she will be out of jail.  

After spending nearly 8 months in the custody of U.S. Marshals since her arrest on October 27th, 2016, Red Fawn Fallis is set to be released pre-trial to a halfway house in Fargo, North Dakota. U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland issued an order on Tuesday, June 20th, that Red Fawn can be released to Centre Inc. as space becomes available for her there. Hovland had previously denied Red Fawn pre-trial release at the request of the U.S. Attorney after a federal magistrate had initially granted it.

The U.S. Attorney assigned to Red Fawn’s case continued to argue against her release claiming she is a flight risk, even though Red Fawn successfully completed a furlough recently, where she traveled to Denver, Colorado to attend a memorial for her mother who passed away last year.

Her trial had been set for July 17th, but Hovland also granted a request made by her attorney Bruce Ellison to postpone the trial until December 5th. The U.S. Attorney did not oppose this request, seemingly unprepared to make a proper case against Red Fawn as soon as next month. Ellison argued in his motion to postpone that there is an overwhelming amount of evidence and legal concerns to go through in trial preparation.

Soon Red Fawn will be outside the walls of the Rugby, North Dakota jail and able to prepare for trial amongst the support of her relatives and supporters. Her fight for freedom continues, as does the fight for Indigenous sovereignty, defense of the water and defense of all that is sacred.

Red Fawn's sister, Red Dawn says, "...The fight is not over! Red [Fawn] has been imprisoned for over 238 days, away from family, friends, and all that lover her. Please continue to send prayers, love, and positive energy until she is truly free."

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Kat Eng