Wakpala Youth Toy Drive

Laura Grijalva, SRST member and part of the Freshet Collective Team has spent the last 15 years working with the youth in her community of Wakpala, SD. From organizing Basketball and Culture Camps, to raising funds for a new playground and basketball court for the kids in the community, Laura has made it her mission to make sure the youth of Wakpala do not go overlooked. "This started when my kids were little. Out here they really love their basketball. My kids used to shovel the snow off the court in the winter to play ball. There isn't much to do so kids end up turning to alcohol and drugs. They don't think about school or college. They don't think about their future."

Laura is really proud of the youth in her community and expresses pride and admiration for the youth runners that raised awareness about the Dakota Access Pipeline. She is currently working on a gift and turkey drive for her community and is asking the public for help in making this happen. The attached flyer includes details on where to send gifts as well as contact information. Laura is grateful to everyone who has contributed as well as to Greg Sherwood, an elder and teacher who has played a big role in the events she organizes.

Christmas Flyer for Wakpala Youth.jpg