A Story of Court Solidarity in the #NoDAPL Divestment Movement

This is a true story of direct action and effective use of court solidarity tactics by water protectors fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline. It is a simple example of one way that comrades can remain in solidarity while navigating the legal system. We hope this story helps build a culture of shared responsibility for defending our movements against State repression. The frontlines are everywhere.

Freshet Collective
10 Arrested as Forced Evictions Begin at Standing Rock Camps

On February 22, the Oceti Oyate camp, formerly known as Oceti Sakowin, as well as all other camps on treaty land claimed by the US Army Corps, were ordered to evacuate by 2pm.

Ten unarmed water protectors were arrested today and one was badly injured in a violent crackdown.  Several of those arrested were journalists and legal observers, clearly targeted for their role in documenting police violence and rights violations. The Sacred Stone Camp is standing ground.

 #NoDAPL #ProtectTheSacred #MniWiconi #HonorTheTreaties

Freshet Collective
Four More Water Protectors Indicted on Federal Charges

The Department of Justice unsealed a federal indictment Wednesday charging four more water protectors allegedly connected to incidents on October 27, when riot police violently cleared the “1851 Treaty Camp” from the easement of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Water protector James White (aka Angry Bird) was arrested Wednesday and federally charged with felony civil disorder and use of fire to commit a federal crime. Federal agents are actively looking for three more water protectors. If convicted, they could face up to 15 years in prison.

Freshet Collective