The marketing is turning in digital completely. Print ads and brochures are the old methods as the people are now getting dependent on digital devices and the number of internet users is increasing all business companies are focusing on digital marketing. Since the whole world population is gathered on the same platform and is connected closely, for companies it is too easier to market.

Facebook is the leading social media platform in marketing. Half of the internet users are on this social media platform; therefore, this platform is the best regarding marketing; moreover, it provides the smooth and easiest methods of advertisement. And interestingly, Facebook targets interested audiences; it means brings the products and services to the audience who need it and it is the best platform for companies to know Niche News. However Facebook has provided successful marketing methods, many new trends are followed now.


Email marketing has made a huge comeback. In fact, email marketing isn’t a new method, it is now used widely and many marketers prefer this method. Advertising on the email seems odd as you have social media options available where people spend most of the time. However many marketers thought that email marketing would be a dead method, it has got the many successful strategies due to the tool like Coverkit and growth in the paid newsletters.
Using of Chatbots is increasing

in marketing day by day. Without a doubt, Chatbots technology has proved the effective methods to target specific people for specific products, and these are designed in a way that they communicate effectively and this method saves time and money. Many companies are using this technique to follow Niche News and catch the interest of people. Briefly, every company tries to find a method in which it can target the people who need it.